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Asset Financing

Asset Finance funding is secured against business assets (moveable), following are a few examples:

  • Equipment & machinery
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Beauty therapist equipment
  • Office furniture & IT Equipment
  • Cars, Vans, Buses and Coaches
  • Asset financing products give flexibilty to own / purchase the equipment required for their business. It assists them to operate efficiently without blocking a substantial lump sum amount out of their business cash flow.

    What support can we provide?

    ▶ If assets are owned by a business, that means funds are tied up which could be used otherwise, to improve the cash flow. In such a situation, if you are looking to release capital from existing assets or plan to invest in new assets, we can support you in arranging various types of asset funding solutions.

    ▶ We have a large specialized lenders portfolio, as such we can assist you to obtain best possible funding suited to your business needs.

    The available solutions:

    Hire & Lease Purchase:

    This is the most popular and extensively used type of asset financing product, suited to individuals and various businesses. The advantage for such funding is that you fully use the assets, while paying the regular instalments until the ownership is transferred to you when the finance is fully paid. Funding options include seasonal payments, balloons, fixed and variable payments and deals with minimum deposit.

    Finance Lease:

    This type of lease finance gives you full use of the asset but without its ownership, as the asset is rented to you for a certain agreed period of time with the finance company, who owns the asset. The options on completion of the agreement are either to retain the asset by paying secondary period rental or selling the asset to a third party or to surrender the asset to the finance company. The other advantage of leasing is its tax efficiency, as rentals can generally be used to offset agaist taxable profits.

    Operating Lease:

    This is a rental agreement which can be used to finance a broad spread of business assets. The funder builds in a residual value to reduce rentals which can help your cash flow. Operating leases can be tax efficient as rentals can normally be offset against taxable profits. At the end of the operating lease term you do not have the responsibility of disposing of the asset you simply hand the asset back.


    This is a finance facility which provides a simple way of releasing equity in unencumbered assets or assets nearing the end of their original finance agreements. Refinance can give a boost to the working capital requirements of your business and the funds can be used for a variety of different reasons including business expansion, capital injection, paying tax or restructuring existing finance.

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