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About Bridging Loan

A bridging finance is a short term property loan to ‘bridge a gap’ between a property purchase, while waiting for an other mortgage to complete. A bridge loan is short term therefore, taken out for a period of 2 weeks to a maximum of 18 months.

Bridging finance can be utilised for various business requirements, which is secured against property. We can arrange bridge financing solutions through our extensive panel of various lenders with best deals, well suited to your needs and circumstances.

The following type of bridging loans can be arranged:

▶ Commercial property – Investment and Owner occupied.

▶ Semi commercial property.

▶ Residential investment property.

▶ Land purchase.

The use of bridging finance will help your business in different ways:

▶ Business cash flow.

▶ Purchase property from Auction.

▶ Refurbishment of property.

▶ Bridge gap between sale and purchase of property.

▶ Purchasing land.

▶ Arrange short term funds against your home or other property.

▶ For a quick completion, bridging loans are often the best route to borrowing money.

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