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Business Cash Advance explained

A business cash advance is a short term finance which allows you to borrow against your future card sales. If your business takes card payments and needs a cash flow boost, then a Business Cash Advance (BCA) is the perfect solution.The BCA funding is fast and terms are flexible which helps your business to grow without a security or debenture from the company. Any company using merchant gateway via a PDQ machine can utilise this type of finance facility.

The process is simple which allows release of funds against your future card sales. The funding available to you is based on your average monthly card transactions, the repayments are at an agreed percentage of each sale, until the advance is paid off. The BCA facility period is generally from 6 to 9 months, however this can be extended upto 18 months depending on your business performance.

Features and benefits of BCA

What to consider?

We can provide you with the best possible deal well suited to your business needs and circumstances.

Some of the following businesses best fit the BCA product.

▶ Retailer including online companies

▶ Hospitality

▶ Pubs

▶ Restaurants and Hotels

▶ Hair & Beauty

▶ Car garages

▶ Professionals – Dentists and many more

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