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About Development Finance

Property Development finance is a form of funding which is required to finance construction projects, conversion or refurbishment of buildings.

This type of finance is mostly short to medium term loan depending on the size of the project/scheme. On completion of the project the loan is repaid from the sale of the property, or can be refinanced.

We can assist you in acquiring short to medium-term financing for small and large scale property development projects (commercial or residential build), regardless whether you’re an experienced property developer or taking up a project first-time. We can arrange funding from our vast lender portfolio with the most favorable and flexible terms to meet your specific project requirements.

Benefits of Development finance:

▶ It allows borrowers to access much larger sums of funds to meet the project cost, this type of financing is now extensively available on the UK market.

▶ Funds are available from the start of the project & as the project continues towards its completion, more money is released by the lender for the development as per agreed terms.

▶ The borrowing can be up to 100% of the total cost of construction, depending on the lenders policy.

▶ The ability to secure finance on properties, plots and developments that are rundown or derelict buildings.

▶ Development finance can be managed to keep the overall borrowing costs to minimum.

▶ Interest is charged only on the funds released which helps the overall cost of the project in a positive way.

▶ Funds are released in stages throughout the project.

What we can offer?

We can offer funding for the following:

▶ Individuals

▶ Partnerships

▶ LLPs

▶ SPV, limited companies

▶ Trading businesses

▶ Overseas investors planning a UK development

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