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About Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing is a type of funding which reduces the time to get paid for goods or services by raising finance against the value of outstanding unpaid invoices, improving your business cash flow. The funds generated can be used for any business purpose.

This is a flexible form of borrowing, which helps to free up funds from debtor's book, allowing businesses breathing space to grow further.

Invoice financing has three ways of fundings available:

How it works?

▶ You invoice the customers for the goods and services provided.

▶ The detail of invoices required for factoring are sent to the finance provider.

▶ According to your finance agreement the percentage of the value of the invoice is paid to you within 48 hours.

▶ As per agreed factoring terms, either you or finance provider will chase for payments.

▶ On receipt of payment from your debtors, after deduction of lenders service fee the balance of the invoice that you didn’t receive earlier is paid back to you.

We can assist you with best possible financing facilities well suited for your business needs.

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